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Making your home office your haven

People all over the U.S. have taken their jobs home with them for a while. With social distancing mandates in effect, a home is now a multi-function place — a place to work, caretake, and homeschool all rolled up into one. So to stay focused on work, make your work area organized and visually appealing to help you feel more productive as well as relaxed. 

Is a forbearance plan the help you need right now?

Forbearance is when a lender agrees to let a borrower postpone payments until a later date. The payments are not eliminated. They will need to be paid at the end of the forbearance period, spread over time, or added at the end of the loan. It’s important to know this is not for everyone but only those who have lost a job or have a financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Help may be available, but please don't just skip your payment

The recently announced mortgage payment relief through the CARES Act provides mortgage forbearance for those who have lost a job or are suffering financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic and whose loan is federally owned or backed by a federal agency. Let's set the record straight first—there's no such thing as "skipping" mortgage payments.