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Autumn: time to evaluate the health of your furnace

Uh-oh. It’s another one of those warning articles to help you ward off impending homeowner doom. Sometimes, however, it’s wise to sit up and take notice. By doom, we mean replacing your furnace before it stops providing you with life-sustaining warmth and as a result, finds you walking around your house in a ski jacket and thermal socks.

Cozying up to the kitchen in high style

Back when kitchens were contained behind swinging doors, there wasn’t much of a reason to make them a design statement. They always were first and foremost for utilitarian purposes —making meals for the family. But now our kitchens are about so much more than function. They are for homework sessions, family discussions, drinks with friends and much, much more. So if it’s getting more and more difficult to extract guests from the kitchen, why not just make the space reflect all the warm and wonderful things going on inside?

Dorm room decor: comfy, practical and not too crazy

When you enter the room where your grown child will live for at least a year (if not longer), it’s a blank slate. You can’t imagine the sensory deprivation those cinder block walls might cause. But remember — it’s not YOU who will be occupying this space. And it’s definitely NOT home to your child. It’s simply a place where he or she sleeps, studies, and learns a bit about being an adult.