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Selling your home for the holidays

The holiday season is not a time many homeowners looking to sell would want to list their homes — first because traditional wisdom says springtime is best, and secondly because it’s a pain to show a home when it’s family and party time.

But December 2020 is different, with social time being curbed or nonexistent, homes being sold through Zoom calls and virtual tours, and fewer buyers taking walk-through tours because of the pandemic. So this might be the IDEAL time to sell while keeping your sanity over the holidays!

Repairs and renovations best left to professionals when preparing your home for sale

If you’re about to put your home on the market and it needs some updates to garner the price that has you smiling, there are two things you should not cheap out on: doing it all yourself and investing in a professional stager. Okay. We won’t go into the staging part here. But we will say that pinching pennies on a remodel/refresh and failing to bring in professionals to do things right is not a good path to take. As Lexi Klinkenberg says in her Redfin article on the topic, “DIY solutions are a great way to save time and money with very little risk, but at times, neglecting the abilities of a pro can cause costly problems.”

Savvy Tips For Selling Your Rental

Considering selling your income property and think it’s as easy to sell it as it was to manage it? There are a number of people out there who have gone through what you are about to and can offer tips and tricks to make the process easier and smoother — experts who are happy to share how and when to sell a rental property for a profit.