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Branch Manager Robert Suling
Vice President

My Name is Rob Suling and I am a Vice President/Branch Manager at Presidential Bank Mortgage, A division of Presidential Bank.  Originally from Glastonbury, CT, I moved to the Metro DC area where I graduated from the University of Maryland earning a degree in economics.  I have been with Presidential Bank, in several different branches since May of 2000 and have been a loan originator since 1998.  I have extensive knowledge of our entire product line, including the intricacies of conventional, construction, HELOCs, USDA, FHA, and VA mortgages. I maintain the same philosophy today as when I started by following a few basic rules.

When I take an application, I listen to the puzzle pieces provided and try to make suggestions on how best to achieve your goals. I feel too many loan officers only try to push the “special of the day” instead of trying to give you different ways of looking at the same transaction. Then I let you choose the option that is best for you and your family.

I make every effort to keep you involved in the process and am available anytime.  After all, real estate and lending is not a 9-5 job.  When you first submit an application, I will review it for any trouble spots we may need to address in order to be successful when it comes time to present our file to our in-house underwriting staff.

When you make your initial offer, I will provide a pre-qualification letter that matches your offer and a worksheet so that you can see in black and white what your offer looks like in real terms.  You will see both your monthly and total funds needed to close based on the contract you are negotiating.  Additionally it is very helpful for you to provide your supporting documentation prior to making an offer as it will allow me to be more confident when I speak to the listing agent on your behalf. (Most times they will contact me to get a feel for both your financing and my abilities.)

From the day you ratify your new contract or decide to initiate that refinance, I will be there every step of the way. You will know if we need additional documents. You will know the value of the appraisal, as you will receive a copy minutes after I do.  You will know when your loan is approved.  You will know when your documents have been sent to settlement. (You will receive your Closing Disclosure 3 days prior to settlement.)

By performing these simple tasks we devise a very strong but simple business plan:
"No Surprises"

Presidential Bank Mortgage, is a national lender with national partners.  We are able to shop the best, most suitable programs, and underwrite 95% of our business in house.  This provides the best programs and rates with personal service.  As proof, I attend most of my settlements, personally!

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  • 11320 Random Hills Road
    Fairfax, VA  22030
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  • 11320 Random Hills Road
    Suite 100
    Fairfax, VA 22030